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New Recruits

Interested In Joining?

868 YMM Rotary Northstar RCACS parades from September to May of each year, and new recruits are always welcome during the training year! Feel free to drop by on any Tuesday night to check out what our program is all about... perhaps even bring a friend with you! If you enjoy what you see and are interested in joining, you just need to remember to bring the following things with you:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Alberta Health Card
  • A parent to sign paperwork
  • Note: New cadets will not be able to participate in the squadron activities until copies of the required documents and identification has been completed, submitted and checked by the Administrative Officer.
Joining Forms

Interested In Volunteering as an adult?

We rely on volunteers to assist in the administering of the program, supporting the training, planning various events, lending a hand in supply, and in working on the Sponsoring Committee. If you are interested in volunteering, As some of the documents require our signature, you will need to come to the squadron to pickup a volunteer package to start the process.